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Stupack    Lab

Gynecologic Oncology

A study of women's cancer, with an eye for genetics.  Strong focus on serous Ovarian Cancer. 

          Pediatric           Oncology

A long term interest in the biology of the tumors of neonates and infants, such as  Neuroblastoma.

Welcome to the Stupack Lab

Dwayne Stupack, PhD 

Principle Investigator


Our lab has the following projects active:


Ovarian Tumor Cell Survival 

Tumors are highly resistant to programmed cell death and to Chemotherapy.  How do our drugs work against tumors and how can we improve them?  These studies focus on the role of a cellular protein called Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK).  FAK is a biosensor, 


Genomic Analysis of Ovarian Tumors

Tumors shuffle their DNA, weak cells suffer and the strongest survive.  What are hte changes that make a tumor cell strong?


Adult Granulusa Cell Tumors

This is a rare tumor that is never inherited, and always involves the same genetic changes in the same place in the same gene.  Why don't we understand it better?


The labs also works with others on the following problems:


Complications of Chemotherapy

At least initially, 80% of women with ovarian caricnoma respond to chemotherapy.  For some, its a cure.  But it can leave behind problems, too.  These include infertility in younger women, and neuropathy in anyone.   


Repurposing Proteins by Cancer Cells

Every cell in your body has a self destruct program for when things go wrong. These studies are focused on a protein called Caspase-8, and the unique ways that tumors modify it to use it to support their own positive feedback signaling and even their own metastatsis within the body.  

    Cancer Research                    

In the US, a woman dies of ovarian cancer every 38 minutes. Consider helping us fight this disease.


The Stupack Lab

is a part of:


UCSD Moores

Cancer Center


The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Science

 Division of        Gynecologic Oncology


The Department of Pathology



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