Stupack Lab
Stupack    Lab

Gynecologic Oncology

A study of women's cancer, with an eye for genetics.  Strong focus on serous Ovarian Cancer. 

          Pediatric           Oncology

A long term interest in the biology of the tumors of neonates and infants, such as  Neuroblastoma.

Welcome to the Stupack Lab

Dwayne Stupack, PhD 

Principle Investigator


Our lab has the following projects active:


Tumor Cell Survival During Metastatic Spread

Dead cells don't migrate. These studies focus on how normal programmed death pathways are altered, and their functions changed to promote cell survival and movement.


Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Death

Tumors are highly resistant to programmed cell death.  Do our drugs work against tumors the way we think they do?


Genetic Analysis of Tumor Cell Biology

Tumors shuffle their DNA, weak cells suffer and the strongest survive.  What makes a tumor cell strong?


Support Cancer Research Today.       

In the US, a woman dies of ovarian cancer every 38 minutes.


Stupack Lab is part of:


UCSD Moores

Cancer Center


UCSD School

of Medicine


Department of Reproductive Medicine


            Division of        Gynecologic Oncology


Department of Pathology



A list of our recent Publications Here